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  • Ranger Sightings.

    The Lone Ranger has been popping up in pop culture a lot in the past few decades. Also pretty recently in comics, mostly incognito but not as an old prospector. These are a few places I have found him.

    1. late eighties- Robocop even if coincidence the similarities are too many: lawma gunned down is trnsformed into something more. Probably, in the back of Miller's mind

    2. More recently in comics, Nineties whosed that masked man on Britt Reid III wall in Green Hornet.

    3. Just read Planetary and you'll run into a Dead Ranger or is that ringer of an owlhoot named John Leather.

    4. Cisco Kid issues 1 and 2 series 2 Cisco and Diablo are hounded by an unnamed masked man and Native American riding a white and a paint. Both are "fair fighters"

    5Mighty Marvel Western event and the MU in a Two-Gun Kid story this summer a certain "Kid Clayton" is shown in-mask also known to use an Indian confederate. Rawhide Kid Max series Kid mentions his admiration for a certain powder blue outfitted guy in a mask

    6. DCU- DC's Space Ghost origin with a few exceptions the second half has a strong resemblance to our man's origin.
    So have any of you guys caught the masked man cropping up aywhere let me know.