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  • Idea for a new Phantom series...

    I don't believe that Dynamite has properly exploited the rich legacy of The Phantom. There could easily be a companion ongoing series (The Phantom Chronicles) that tells single-issue or multi-issue stories from the many past generations of Phantoms. Or do it as a series of discrete miniseries. In fact, I have an idea for one right now. Since the Phantom has always been the traditional enemy of piracy, whether on the high seas or elsewhere, how cool would it be if the Phantom of the 1870s went up against... Captain Nemo!? Awesomesauce.
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    My Idea

    I'dlike to see a mini series where we move back and forth between Phantoms. Maybe one dies defore capturing the villian and his son takes up the mantle of the Phantom and finishes the job, having to deal with his desire to kill the man eho killed his father in the process.
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