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Dumb question (Sale Dates)

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  • Dumb question (Sale Dates)

    How find I out when the stuff comes into the comic shops?
    Well, I'm not *completely* dumb - e.g. Vampirella #12 is listed as
    and same goes for everything else. But "Publication Date: Oct 2011" not
    necessarily means that $RandomComicShop has it Oct 2011 (especially
    since mine lies in Germany).
    What time span add is reasonable here?

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    I don't think this can be answered by the publisher.

    you should ask your dealer on what days he ususally gets what realeses. they know such stuff, or if he doesn't yet he can monitor the subscrition arrival dates for two or three months for Dynamite and he will know.
    mine knows for example what publishing date means what deleivery date to his shop for basically each publisher.

    It depends a lot on the way the import dealer (which is operating on it's own, in your case in Germany) handles stuff logistically and if you are in a big city or somwhere far off where distribution my take extra time.
    So do some chitchat with your dealer about it, may be the best way to find out.


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      Sounds reasonable. (The "Oct 2011" Vampi #12 is still missing in action,BTW,
      I guess I have to collect some more data.)