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How do yall think this would have turned out?

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  • How do yall think this would have turned out?

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    Well, here is the thing. alot of people diss robert roddy due to the fact that his movies are not top level entertainment. But....his movies are not supposed to be. most of them are action films that you sit back and enjoy with a beer (or a soda) and zone out. This type of movie has every right to be made, because for every run-of-the-mill romantic comedy that follows the EXACT SAME FORMULA there is an equal action flick where deep story lines and award winning acting are put aside for punches, swords and knives, explosions, and good guys that seem impervious to permenant injury........(just look at the Rambo films) i feel that Robert Rodrequiz directing it would have been fine. AND, If you look at his past films, you will see that the man can do alot with a tiny budget.

    HOWEVER.......I am not sure that Mcgowan would be the best choice for Sonja. Can she act well enough? well....yes, i suppose so. She just doesn't have the Sonja feel.......yet, this thread is not about who should play Ta-tas Mcgee, its about how we, the fans, feel the team of Rose M. and Robert R. would have crafted a Red Sonja film.

    And you know what? It probably would have been good. Not great, certainly. And not something that would go down in cinema history as the worst thing ever. But, i can imagine a Red Sonja movie done by rose and robert would have been worth seeing at least ONCE. Planet Terror was awesome FOR WHAT IT WAS, but i feel that one must love the "cheesy zombie movie catagory" to feel the same way. And for those movie-goers that did not love zombie flicks, most of them probably at least thought Planet Terror was "a decent action movie".

    And that will most likely have been what we got from these two B-level entertainers. something that fantasy lovers would have thought was great, and something the majority of people would have considered "an okay lord-of-the-rings type movie."