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  • Vampirella #13

    Vampirella in costume! Yay! Hope this lasts for more than a few panels.
    I'm also grateful to Eric for resisting the urge to turn the werewolf encounter into a blood-spattered gorefest. Some will say the result was a let-down, but I'm sick of the Harris model of turning Vampi into a human sprinkler system spewing blood. The great writers of the Warren era treated Vampi like a lady and still achieved memorable stories that pleased the fans.

    On the subject of violence, the previews for the upcoming Red Room series turn my stomach. Berenton proved he's an artist, not a writer, in his story for Harris. His brutal treatment of Vampirella is sick and perverted. Other than a disturbed freak, who really wants to see a beautiful woman "bruised, bloodied and broken, ...with a night of pain and depravity aheadů" I'll probably flip through this in the shop, but if it is as sick as it sounds, it's staying on the rack. There are too many decent comic writers out there to let an artist indulge his sick fantasies on a comics icon.

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    Originally posted by rlvaugh View Post
    Vampirella in costume! Yay! Hope this lasts for more than a few panels.
    She's basically back in the original costume for the remainder of my run on the title.



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      Superstition says the 13 is a symbol of bad luck...but that's because the number
      is connected to the moon, the female and all that, so I'd rather expect the
      contrary for Vampi.
      I was right.
      The page where she appears in the costume again: yeah, I know, fans have
      waited for this for ages but that isn't my point. Eric pulled (was it chuzpe
      or sheer desperation? ) a lampshade of epic proportions...and it worked.
      Let's be fair: it wasn't him who is responsible for the continuity pigsty that
      Vampirella is in. Every time a Secret War on Infinite Crisis was done to retcon it
      into sense again, it only got worse.
      So it boils down to "Why don't you accept the botched continuity as an integral
      part of the mystery of Vampirella?" - and I have no problem with that! I mean,
      she is the archetypical seductress, I have no problem either if people can't agree if
      her eyes are green or blue.
      Besides Biggest Lampshade Ever, Eric did a good job with character development.
      I even daresay he is better in that job than in writing senseless violence
      (although one should think the latter is far easier to write). Also bonus points for the
      hidden information placed at the right spots. Let's wait who Lady Veiled Nose turns
      out to be.
      Overall, I say #13 was the best issue so far.

      @rlvaugh: I'm anticipatingly waiting for "Red Room" and Vampirella as Tyler Durden.
      You are right insofar this could end as the worst stinker ever...but as well as the
      best idea ever. It's as daring as the Russ Meyer hommage, for sure.