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    I casually leaned against the railing of the balcony, listening as the curling
    swells lapped up on the embankment of the canal, only to become a foaming line
    of saltwater. Slow restlessness grew in my soul, like a wound in my heart
    reopened. The dark breeze of midnight rustled through the city of Shadizar and somewhere far
    out in the canal a ship’s sail snapped in the wind. I smoothed my robe and
    checked my chin for whiskers. I was excited, for the first time in a long time, and i could barely contain it. Overhead, the moon was a thin fingernail of light.
    Phosphorescent lunar beams caused a faint glow on my armor, the armor of Flavius
    Aetius- Master of Soldiers. On behalf of the Zamora Empire, merely the Emperor
    himself seconded me. It was even upon the Emperor’s request that I now rested at
    his personal accommodations, a lush comfort palace built fora king. As I had walked the streets of Shadizar earlier today, the citizenry had fallen at my feet. Without doubt there was not any
    alive that could challenge my influence. This city, no, all of Hyboria would soon know my name and tremble.
    A knock at my door interrupted my contemplations.
    I lifted the latch, and opened the threshold. Ten of my most trusted guards stood waiting. In front of them was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. Her waist was small in circumference, and she was tall and straight. Her breats were full and her hips could bare many children. She was more fit than the average woman and her scuplted arms and legs resembled works of art. Her hands were perfect and smooth. Extremely long crimson hair flowed from the top of her head, and seemed to caress her features like silk. Yet, this female perfection that now stood before me was one of the dangerous and deadly warriors i have ever come across, and my sworn enemy.
    “Sir!” exclaimed one of the guards, “The captive has been broken and pleaded forgivness for warcrimes against Zamora! It took many days on the torture rack, but your orders were to chain her and bring her to you as soon as she admitted that she was a Hyrkanian spy!”
    “Indeed,” I responded, not looking up. "And she has admitted that she came to Shadizar to attempt an assassination on the Emporer in the name of the Hyrkania Lords?"
    "She has," confirmed the soldier. "Getting her to admit it was......painfull for us all. Not only did she kill the guard captain and the cheif inquisitor, but also the prison chef."
    I looked up suddenly. The guards took a step back at my quick motion. I could not stop a frown from crossing my lips. “You men are dismissed.”
    All ten soldiers saluted in Zamorian fashion and departed. The crimson prisoner still stood
    motionless just inside the doorway. Her face was striking, creamy skin and full eyes that almost glowed
    blue. Yet the days of torture had taken its toll on her. I could easily see that she was starving, and there was dried blood matted to her various curves. One of her thighs was cut badly, but had been hastily stitched. Most likely by the prison doctor. The many chains that shackled her hands and feet seemed large enough to slow down a giant, and i doubted that this thin female could even move with that amount of weight on her. As i inspected her, she struggled to breathe.
    “Do come in,” I managed to say to her. My mouth was suddenly dry and I
    was ashamed of myself. This woman was a deadly warrior and that was all i could come up with to say. Not to mention that she had just survived a week of torture by my best toolsmithes. The great Aetius, Master of Soldiers in wonderful Shadizar, unable to speak to a broken female!
    The red one took a step forward, moving like a cripple. I liked the crimson haired vixens,
    as they were hard to come by this far west. I did not know who she really was,
    or how much this encounter would benefit me. Yet I cared not, for money was never a
    concern when it came to my desires. I leaned down, and unlocked the shackled on her ankles.They fell to the floor with a loud thump. She took several more steps into my room.
    I shut the portal and followed the girl. She stopped in the middle of
    the chamber and slowly turned about. Her prison rags hugged her in all of my favorite
    places. even dirty, starving, and exhausted, this woman was special.
    “Do you know who I am?” I questioned.
    The vixon smiled at me, her teeth glistening behind a split lip. “The soldier master of Shadizar. All have heard of this city at least. I am honored by your presence.”
    Had there been slight cynicism in her melodic voice? Or perhaps curiosity? “How
    old are you, girl?”

    “Age is but a number,” she replied, turning her head to admire my luxurious room.
    “Only a number!” I repeated, satisfied with the answer. “Almost time to be married, if you would just stop snooping around my palace and killing my guardsmen.”
    The stunning girl looked back up at me, a confidence in her visage despite the beatings she had so recently received. “Perhaps.”
    I cleared my throat. “I have yet to take a wife. The one I choose will
    be the envy of the Empire. Why, if you would swear alliegance to Zamora, I could have you pardoned.....and you could start a new life. Leave the sword behind!”
    "You still think me to be a Hyrkanian spy?" she asked me, still looking around.
    "Of course," I replied. "Why else would you have broke into the palace proper? Why else would you have been caught sneaking around in places that get the common thieves beheaded? You were not looking for wealth to are a spy. And you are also a great fighter....trained by the best hyrkanian masters, i wager!" I smiled at my skills of deduction. "How many of my guards did you slay before we captured you?"
    "I lost count at 50." The girl smirked.
    "See there? A spy...or an assassin. You came seeking the Emporer, but instead ran into the great Flavius Aetius! You should be publicly hung in the main Shadizar square. But your beauty has bewitched me. I could use a wife with your talents as both a bodyguard, and as....." I trailed off and glanced over at my bed, "and as other things. Are you not interested girl?"
    “Am I to be your selection, oh great leader? Or am I to be cast aside
    like the other young ladies you have taken to your bed and discarded?”
    "What.....what do you mean?" I replied as my good mood started to fade away completely.
    "Flavius Aetius is well known....not for his great leadership, but for his appetite for young girls...and how once he lays with them, they are never seen or heard from again."
    I was unsure how to take the unexpected response. Had I finally gotten caught? The fact that i enjoyed strangling young girls to death on the very same night that i would force myself on them was supposed to be a secret! If....if the Emperor found out....
    "But that is just a rumor whispered in the backs of taverns over cheap ale," the redhead finally said, breaking the silence. "Yet I am not so sure it would be safe to be your wife. Mayhap the gallows would be safer still!"
    “Is it not worth the risk?” I scolded. After all, what could she do? Her hands where still bound. She was barely standing erect, and my guards had no doubt removed any weapons. I stepped closer to her.
    "Forget those vile lies....they are all untrue," I lied to her, but tried to sound genuine. "Leave the sword behind. Marry me, become mine....and I shall give you anything your heart desires. Is this not a fair offer? Without me, your life will be over at the end of a noose! Is it not fair?!"
    “To lie with the wicked?” she said, almost laughing nervously.
    I was face to face with her now, hearing the sound of air moving in
    and out of her body. She glanced up at me, her legs shook and she looked weaker by the second.
    “I have always been a wicked man,” I said as I leaned close. I looked
    deep into her eyes, and watched the sparkling sapphires turn to a dull indigo. "What is your name, assassin? Tell it to me, and then i shall give you a new name as my wife. And if you will not marry me, then i shall take you right now, and then crush the life from your bones with my bare hands."
    “My name is Red Sonja,” said the girl in front of me. "And I came to the palace to find YOU!"
    Subsequently, before I could react, her lithe yet potent arms removed a hair
    quill from her locks and stabbed it into my jugular! "I will not let you go on killing the innocent girls that find themselves in your path." I grabbed for my neck and stumbled back. "And I slew your prison chef because the food was not fit for picts!" Thick warm liquid poured between my fingers. "If you Zamorians call the past week torture, you have never been to a Kush slave pit!" I tried to call out, but no sound came. "The fact that i have hidden that hair quill for over a week from your best men is a testament to just how much of a buffoon you are Aetius." I reached for my dagger at my hip but fell to one knee as the red warrioress continued to berate me. "I shall find this a new home while you go and meet whatever God you worship! Mitra, Ishtar, or the devil himself!" Frantically looking about, I saw Red Sonja vaulting over the
    balcony railing with my dagger, where she would make her escape across the canal below.

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    In desperation.....i crawled......and I attempted to unbolt my chamber door but could not
    find the latch! Rapidly my bedroom became suffused with bright orange spots, and
    then everything went black. The last thing i heard was the curling
    swells lapping up on the embankment of the canal, only to become a foaming line
    of saltwater.

    so did anyone like this? I just got a wild hair up my butt and wanted to write some fan fiction. Thoughts?


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      Soooooooo feedback?