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Free Comic Book Day 2012 - Thank you Dynamite

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  • Free Comic Book Day 2012 - Thank you Dynamite

    So less than a month until FCBD. I don't know if Dynamite is putting out an issue but I remember that their 2010 or 2011 offering (green hornet sampler) is what made me aware of Dynamite. Now I eagerly await each new Dynamite tpb/trade (many are day one purchases). I would love to see something from Dynamite at my local store when I go. If not I will hopefully taking advantage of the discounts offered on that day to pick up some trades

    Also. I want to thank the people at Dynamite. I remember when I was growing up and while I liked Batman, Superman, and the more mainstream heroes the characters I truly loved were Green Hornet, Zorro, The Shadow, The Phantom, Mandrake (ok, mainly defenders of the earth but it got me into the characters). It's so great to see a company doing quality stories for these characters that feel true to the originals even as they bring them into the new century (sometimes literally sometimes with a modern feel). I know people complain about delays but I can live with them so long as the stories keep getting told. That being said please don't abandon any of these characters and if the series must end please let it not end on a cliffhanger.

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    Can't believe they didn't do a Shadow or Spider FCBD book (or a flip-book with both), it kinda seems like a no-brainer to me. Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist would have been an excellent choice as well (more people need to be exposed to the book, it's that good).

    That said, there is the DINOSAURS VS. ALIENS preview book for FCBD 2012 -- the publisher is listed as Liquid Comics, but Dynamite is handling solicitations and distribution for the upcoming hardcover graphic novel. Does that count?
    DE pull list: Will Eisner's The Spirit: The Corpse Makers, ERB's The Greatest Adventure, Green Hornet '66 Meets The Spirit, PSP: Herokillers, KISS/Vampirella, Mighty Mouse


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      Yeah, to be honest I was kind of expecting Shadow or Spider or even a preview of their 2012 Phantom and Mandrake series but I couldn't find anything on the Dynamite site.

      Too bad. . . Spider is not a character I am familiar with but it seems to fit with the kind of heroes I like from Dynamite so maybe I will check it out.