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Dynamite Fan Blitz 2012!

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  • Dynamite Fan Blitz 2012!

    Hello there,

    You may be wondering what the "Fan Blitz 2012" is, and judging by the title of this thread it could mean a whole lot of different things. Well, the Fan Blitz 2012 is a combined effort between Dynamite Entertainment and it's hardcore fans to spread the word about Dynamite Entertainment and it's wide array of comic book titles by using tools such as social media and comic book messageboards to get the word out. Lately over at the CBR forums I've been noticing a huge spike in Dynamite Entertainment discussion as it pertains to the Genesis line of comics and most recently Lord of the Jungle and Flash Gordon, if we could all combine to get the word out that Dynamite is offering great comics than maybe there would be a sales spike and more and more people would hop on board. What do you guys think?

    Any suggestions or comments? Drop them here!
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    facebook group PDR

    Philippines-based facebook group for Dynamite comic book readers can share interest and interact with local artists Ariel Padilla, Jonathan Lau, Eman Casallos, Ed Tadeo, Heubert Khan Michael, Stephen Segovia and Fritz Casas. we are only up to 50 members though


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      Does Dynamite have an official facebook page that they update. If so I would add it to my interests.

      That being said I frequently talk about my favorite comics on social media and in forums so. . . count me in.


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        I already post like crazy about most of Dynamite's titles over on CBR, I figured I'd join the official forums to say hi and to become a part of the community!

        I promise to do my best to get the Dynamite word out to those on other forums I'm a part of as well, I'm always willing to help out a good cause.......and COMICS are most certainly a GREAT cause.