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Has anyone met Roy Thomas?

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  • Has anyone met Roy Thomas?

    I met him a couple of years ago at a comic convention in Sydney.
    He was a nice bloke, but boy can he talk and talk!
    I mainly talked to him about his work at DC comics.
    He also mentioned that he doesn't read many comics today.
    Anyone else met him?

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    Yes, I have.

    At a Convention in Toronto about three years ago. I had only started collecting his Sonja books and had him sign a couple.

    Nice man. Under-used by the industry unfortunately.

    As for his talking...that makes sense. Have you read his Sonja books from Marvel? They are bombastic and over-the-top. Great stuff.


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      Yes , had the great pleasure of meeting him at Howard Days this June for the REH Centennial when he was one of the Guests of Honour . He is a real gent and kept everyone entertained talking about his life with Conan , Sonja etc. on the panels he took , one of which I had the honour of introducing him to the audience. He hung around , chatting to everyone for a couple of days with his wife Dann.