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Omnibus volume 3, where art thou?

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  • Omnibus volume 3, where art thou?

    Howdy chaps and chapesses!

    Been a while since I posted here - what can I say? Lettering and writing funnybooks has kept me busy.

    I was just curious about something, which I'd like to respectfully raise - and my apologies in advance if this has come up elsewhere on teh board already (I checked, but couldn;t see much)

    Basically, I'd pre-ordered the third volume of the Red Sonja Omnibus series, and I've received a couple of notifications from Amazon over the last month that the release date has slipped. I'm kinda bummed about this because I'm champing at the bit to read some more Sonja!

    Anyways - not meaning to come off as a foot-stamping, impatient fanboy, but... any word on this?

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    O Joyous Day! Callo! Callay!

    Omnibus volume 3 arrived today - and what a thing of beauty it is!

    Mucho bueno, and thanks, Dynamite!