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  • Huh?

    Kind of spoilery, but it was in the preview-

    So, Mallory sold butcher a New Hampshire property, without knowing Butcher would stow Vogelbaum there? And Butcher needed it, because in his decade long plan to kill all the supes, he didn't want to move Vogelbaum more than down the block? Or did he buy the same property that Mallory was keeping Vogelbaum at? Becaus Mallory had so many properties, he'd never check back in, nor would any of his family?


    "Say, Colonel, it looks like you won't be needing this place. How about if I buy it from you? You can trust me, your loyal psychopathic killing machine, to scrub it of all traces of the clandestine activity you were operating here. I can't see any way this would jeapordize the covert nature of our work, having a public record of a major financial transaction between us."
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    Thank god for that I thought it was just me going mad. I know Ennis is fond of the road less travelled when it comes to plotting, but he's creating strange problems for himself here. So the do belongs to Mallory and Butcher just buys it from him and keeps Vogelbaum living and working there, after clearing up the raspberry jam (or jelly). Gotta admit I just did not understand this bit, not that it particularly matters.