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Dark Shadows #6: Jump On Board!

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  • Dark Shadows #6: Jump On Board!

    If you have not been reading this title, this is a great issue to start with. It begins a new story arc. Mike Raicht's writing is very good. The opening pages capture the conflicted nature of Barnabas. The story also features Quentin, Elizabeth and young David in supporting roles, and their personalities are captured well, too. We also get to see what Willie is up to. Willie is a fascinating character. If Barnabas is a basically good man who is compelled by his curse to do evil, Willie is a basically bad man who is compelled (by Barnabas) to do bad things--and that oddly pushes him to try to be a good man. Raicht captures that complexity in four pages.

    The underlying story line has another vampire loose in Collinsport attacking children. We, the reader, know that it is not Barnabas, but nobody else does. Well, i guess Barnabas knows, but Julia and Quentin do not.

    This book really deserves a much larger readership than it has been getting. Buy it! Trust me, you will thank me for it!