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Vampirella #20

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  • Vampirella #20

    Eric seems to have figured out a way to strike a balance between the Harris & Warren visions of Vampirella-- hope his replacement pays attention. The handling of the Dracula-Vampirella dynamic is much improved vs the sterile, duke-it-out meetings in the debut Worms arc. Sexual tension is back; Dracula treats Vampi with a degree of tenderness; and that decadent fat demon is an added delight. The return of the 3 demonesses is exciting, and the octopi creatures are interesting though a bit silly-looking (I remember Eric promising us alternating artists in an earlier post?! I guess Berkenkotter got tied up with the Dark Shadows cross-over). I'm starting to forget about Sofia, so some nod to that storyline needs to be brought up soon. All-in-all, another enjoyable issue.

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    The octopi are stricty for Japan merchandise
    (And while the dialogue was a change to the usual clobber talk, even this can easily
    get repetetive and shouldn't be overdone. Vampirella anyway thinks action speaks
    louder than words...)


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      Snort! Clobber talk.