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Bionic Man #10

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  • Bionic Man #10

    Bionic Man #10 was excellent, I loved the last battle between Steve and Hull and the ending where Steve and his women were bickering as they drove off was absolutely hilarious. Lau's art has been some of the best stuff to come out of Dynamite and I will miss seeing Hull in all of Lau's glory grace the pages of Bionic Man now that Hull's dead, hopefully issue #11 was just a fill in artist and Lau will be returning because issue #11 had horrible art and I can see this title loosing readers if that art will be the ongoing trend in this book.

  • #2
    Manga, totally agree with you. #10 was awesome. I really enjoyed the whole arc. I have trust in Hester for the writing going forward. He did a nice job on his time with Green Hornet. Very concerned about the pencils, though. Lau was really fantastic. His art just really fit the story line. #11 was Tadeo's first shot. I went online and couldnt find many samples of his pencils so I dont have much to see what kind of work he has done in the past. Remember, it took Vitorino a couple of issues to get up to speed on Hornet. So I am hoping Tadeo can sharpen up and ditch the Archie art.

    I would hate to see interest fall off.