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  • Pathfinder

    Awesome.. Thanks DE I'm currently now collecting more books from you then either Marvel or DC. I haven't play'd Pathfinder but I'm sure it's like a WoW clone and that I do play constantly.
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    Dynamite: Pathfinder

    With the yr. long run of Boom's Elric coming to a close I was toying with adding another Fantasy based mini or ongoing and I guess this maxi of sorts fits the bill.I don't play the game, but have been impressed with the overall quality of game based comics in recent yrs.and decided to add this to my Dynamite list.I'm not sure if like Helwyn whether this puts me over the top in pulls vs.Marvel/DC,but it comes close. Warlord of Mars,Dejah Thoris, Lord of the Jungle,Flash Gordon, Ming and now Pathfinder. May also add the upcoming Masks crossover as well. After Spaceman and Shade wrap up their runs my DC list is down to Batman Beyond and Ravagers.My Marvel pull is AoA,Defenders,(soon to wrap up in Nov.),Winter Soldier and Hawkeye.Except for the Starlin reprint Space Knights that's about it for Marvel.Pathfinder will be my first non pulp title from Dynamite having previously done Zorro,some Green Hornet and Lone Ranger in trades.This should be a good run.