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Preview for 70 lies below.

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  • Preview for 70 lies below.

    Extended preview (8 pages). Awesome.
    Anyone who guessed Hughie in bodily fluid (per the cover) was correct. This doesn't come (no pun intended) from men. Or women without V.
    Weird? Weird as shit, sure. But should you expect any less from this title? Hell no.

    Honest PTSD before we get to the comedy. In that part, outstanding. I'm truly more excited over this book than anything else out there and FMR, I don't know how to feel knowing it's all falling apart like this. Job well done Garth, see you at Baltimore.

    (My wife is at Dragon Con, damn right I have nothing better to do this late into a Friday than drink whisky and internets.)

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    Just read the preview. HOLY CRAP!! I wonder what will the "upgrade" do for Hughie.


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      Pronouncing profanity with a new dialect. Mother's Milk=Blacker'n Colt 45!

      Kinda funny we made it this far without ever getting their real names, nor caring. Doubt it's a plot twist, but if it is, that would be one damned subtle set up!


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        So where does it go from here? This is what I reckon:

        Hughie takes his new "upgrade" and earns Butcher's respect by punching him in the face hard enough that even the Homelander would have to take it seriously. He then tells Butcher to call off the anti-V launch, and Butcher, recognising that Hughie has finally manned-up, is happy to do what "little brother" says.

        But then Annie shows up, and argues for the launch to go ahead! She knows what supes are really like, better than Hughie and better in some ways even than Butcher, and she thinks the world really is better off without them. With his new-found maturity, Hughie sees the truth in what she's saying and regretfully tells Butcher to go ahead, push the button.

        Meanwhile, back at the hearing, Jess Bradley realises that she's going to be the one who takes the fall for the supe disaster. In yet another poorly thought-through decision she determines that "They don't like Vought having a monopoly on compound V? Fine, then we'll let every one have it!" and releases the company's last supplies into the atmosphere.

        Everyone gets a lungful of V just before Butcher's bio-weapon hits, and the world ends in a superpocalypse to the soundtrack of Rayner's last shag.