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Vampirella #21

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  • Vampirella #21

    Nice covers, nice interior art, nice story by new writer. I was apprehensive about a new creative team but so far so good. The art is new and sexy, and I like the idea of Vatican super-weapons and the fact that Vampi needed help to be saved (and that the artist spared us gratuitous, graphic damage to Vampi). Herr Schuld's return should be interesting, and I am anticipating the next issue, which is ultimately the highest praise. In retrospect, Eric did a good job of taking the best elements of the Harris era (such as, Von Kreist), adding interesting new players (Schuld, Grigori, the demon chicks), and ending up with something Harris never achieved, a somewhat cohesive and believable universe.

    I still think Dynamite badly fumbled the ball with the initial relaunch and early issues, but at least we're on a much better track now and for the foreseeable future.