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M is for M and usic for usic. Music.

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  • M is for M and usic for usic. Music.

    Now lookums what I found on Ebay:

    OK, I know a *label* that calls itself Vampirella, I know a lot of music *titles* "Vampirella",
    but this must be the first *album*. (Although I'm betting a litre of blood it will be just
    your "generic vampire", as always. Never ceases to annoy me.)

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    Not that I'd buy this just because of the name, but if anyone's thinking about it, it's a rip-off. $17.52 US including shipping?

    There's a dealer importcds on Amazon selling the same thing for $3.35 US, including shipping.

    PS -- It's not an album, it's a CD single.
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