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Stillwell and Bradley and The End (SPOILERS)

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  • Stillwell and Bradley and The End (SPOILERS)

    I know I said a few times before the predicted Black Noir/Homelander reveal that there are so many problems with that theory that no one else seemed to be pointing out (HL not knowing, Vought not knowing) that were discussed to no end once the reveal actually happened. Well, I've got another one: Stilwell throwing Bradley to the wolves. This is another one that a lot of people are predicting but there are huge holes in the idea that would have to be ignored to make it work- like the BN/HL connection.
    Bradley is relatively new with VA; the two biggest events that preceded her arrival to her position were the massacre of the G-Men and Payback. To try to pass off the superhero snafu as somehow her fault and credible to the world within the story- either through negligence or active participation- would be an ass pull of epic proportions.

    If Ennis does this, these details will be glossed over because it couldn't work and once again every one who was calling for this will be "HTF did that happen?" But is there any way to do this with two issues left, based on the page time the two have gotten in other issues of this arc?

    And on that note- all of the talk from Stilwell saying "we didn't know" doesn't really work either; remember issue 64? When they showed what the Boys had on the supes and Vought, and there was the reporter referencing specifically that Stormfront had knocked over the levees in Katrina to clear up real estate? I thought it was well established that proof of every evil thing Vought had ever did was released to them but Stilwell is speaking as if it is only the Supe insurrection that has them on the Hill?

    PS- I would love for Stilwell to end up like Christian Bale in the Shaft remake- all the trouble to get evidence on him and he is shot on the courthouse steps by a minor character who he f*cked over. If he's going to throw Bradley to the wolves, since that really doesn't make sense at least give me this, Garth!

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    vice versa

    what would be rather interesting is if bradley somehow was there all along to fuck stillwell over. somehow. i dont know. we would all hate that too im guessing.


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      Well, the solicitation for the final issue does say "Stillwell finds out the real cost of doing business," so I guess we'll see. I hope the Bradley as patsy thing doesn't follow through, it just seems a bit too obvious. Almost as obvious as BN being a Homelander clone.

      Hold on.