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Dark Shadows/Vampirella # 2

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  • Dark Shadows/Vampirella # 2

    This limited series is growing on me. I could nit-pick it to death, but I don't want to. The idea of Barnabas cracking jokes is a little hard for me to get used to (he is always so moody), but the jokes are good. For example, after meeting Vampirella, he is introduced to her friend. He introduces himself: "Barnabas Collins." She introduces herself: "Pantha." His reply: "Does nobody here have two names?" Lovely. This is the culture conflict between these two series. There is also great humor in Vampirella taking Barnabas to a strip joint. He is shocked. She comments on the fact that a man who drinks human blood is shocked by that. "You are so old world!" Yes. Yes, he is. It is part of his charm.

    And then there is the Quentin Collins/Pantha dynamic. That causes me to giggle just thinking about it.

    In my mind, I am putting this team-up in to some sort of alternate universe. When I first heard about it, I didn't think it would work. But I was wrong. This is tremendous fun! Not to be taken seriously, of course, but it is great fun. It is a loony concept, but I am so glad that they are doing it.