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Catching up on The Lone Ranger

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  • Catching up on The Lone Ranger

    An unfortunate bout of unemployment has kept me from my friendly neighborhood comic book store. Now that I'm working again I can go in and pick up a big stack of Lone Ranger comics. I look forward to catching up. Ande and Co. have been doing an excellent job, as have the Snake of Iron crew. I'm also excited about the new movie pictures coming out.

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    I recently got a chance to see the two Lone Ranger movies made in the 1950s. They were great. Does the color TV-movie remake of the origin story from the '50s ("The Lone Ranger Rides Again") even exist any more, does anyone know? It would be great if Classic Media could release this one from the vault.

    The initial pictures (and vague description) released from the new movie have me worried. If it is anything like the recent Green Hornet and Dark Shadows films, it will be an awful smudge on the Lone Ranger's reputation (as was the WB TV-movie from a few years back -- thankfully that one came and went, and sank like a stone without too many people seeing it).

    At least we have a good Lone Ranger comic book to look forward to. Long may he ride!
    DE pull list: Will Eisner's The Spirit: The Corpse Makers, ERB's The Greatest Adventure, Green Hornet '66 Meets The Spirit, PSP: Herokillers, KISS/Vampirella, Mighty Mouse


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      There are serious doubts the color origin version even exists. If it does, it is well hidden.
      I just got Lone Ranger #9 and #10. My hat's off again to Ande and Co. Excellent job! A little bloody, but necessary for the story. The artwork is awesome! I can't wait for more.


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        Thanks so much, Joe. We're really working hard, and I think the whole team is doing great work. Stay tuned for the rest of this arc. Very proud of it!



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          Ande, was #8 your take on the Sand Creek Massacre?


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            Hey, LR-

            No. I didn't have Sand Creek in mind, particularly. I was aware of it, but the attack on Tonto's tribe developed on their own. I just wanted to explain and connect the pieces Matthews had left, regarding Tonto's past.

            It was also important to me that the soldiers involved in the massacre not be seen as monsters. They are misguided and brutal, but most of them have their reasons.