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Vampirella Strikes; Again? Please D.E. add more Info :)

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  • Vampirella Strikes; Again? Please D.E. add more Info :)

    I've read that D.E. plans on relaunching a brand new Vampirella Strikes series and I'd love to find out when or how long I'll be waiting. More Vampirella is GRRREEEAT!
    I noticed the info from my facebook page and thought, Oh yeah!! Gotta have it.

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    Here it is too, also without date:
    Let's hope Vampirella doesn't go on strike


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      Scheduled for January 2, 2013 according to MidtownComics: link here.


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        I'm seriously looking forward to this, already got it on my list.


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          Just finished Vampirella strikes #1, It was better then I was expecting, and I expected it to be good. It has a supernatural feel that has been sort of..lacking in the vampirella stories. Very cool indeed, looking forward to issue 2.


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            This was really good!

            My New Year's resolution was to try a new comic a week and this happened to be the only #1 out! I haven't read a Vampirella comic since they were black and white magazines, and I really enjoyed this! I will follow this book as long as the creative team lasts or the book is published. Who knew I'd strike gold the first time out of the gate?

            Review online now at



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              Well I read it. Hard to say how I felt about it either way. The art was all right, but didn't bowl me over. Still, possibly better than on most other Vampirella series published by DE. It felt like it was possibly a tad overwritten (but then I've never liked the running commentary voiceover by the main character as a writing gimmick). Not much of a chunk of story here for me to make up my mind about the tone and direction of the series. All in all, it left me with more of an "undecided, wait and see" feeling. Could go either way in subsequent issues.
              DE pull list: Will Eisner's The Spirit: The Corpse Makers, ERB's The Greatest Adventure, Green Hornet '66 Meets The Spirit, PSP: Herokillers, KISS/Vampirella, Mighty Mouse


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                Good stuff.

                Overwritten usually won't hurt in a comic.
                If Dynamite decided to start anew where Harris left (a bad idea in general ), at least starting with the whole God complex was a brilliant idea (as this was the best Harris ever produced, and their only memorizable addition to the Vampi mythology). OK, I must confess I'm an agnostic gnostic and love the idea that God is neither good nor almighty but just the random bastard who won the last war in heavens. If Dynamite dares to go all the way, feminist- and antichrist-wise (recommended reading: "The Jehova Contract" by Victor Koman), this will be helluva epicst. Click image for larger version

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                  I'm surprised more hasn't been posted about this series. By and large a great deal of people here seem to never be happy with anything, but I was sure V. Strikes would be a hit. I'm enjoying it a great deal.

                  Just finished Issue 5, all 5 issues have had awesome art and a really, really cool story. The depictions of all the supporting characters, the dominations, the constables, various demons has been really cool. Janus is both a badass and acts as comic relief.

                  I will say, that the handling of Vampi herself, both in dialogue and in illustration has been some of the best that i've seen. It surpasses, _in my opinion_ both the ongoing series and her obviously more limited role in the prophecy series.

                  I think to people who may not be Vampi Fans, they believe her appeal is as simple as "hot girl, big boobs, half naked" I think thats a cheap way to look at her.

                  Issue 5 is a prime example to me of doing it right, the fight with balthazar, and the shuck appearing at the end, Vampirella in form and word is a action hero, a model, and also the girl next door , all in one.

                  High caliber stuff gentleman.


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                    The writer goes back to the earliest Harris days and probably has had the longest run on the post-Warren comic. He is reliable for being a cut-above the usual writers and for bringing in interesting characters (he was once referred to as "Mr. Idea Factory" by an editor (back when comics had editors)). I do like his demon dogs and the way they can track someone across the floor of the ocean!

                    I've had mixed feelings about him because he penned the series that stripped-away Vampi's Warren roots (I think that decision pre-dated him, he was just the axe-man), and some of his characters are a little too derivative (such as the rejuvenated Rook, who was basically Venom with a friendly symbiot, if I remember correctly). And the current angel-demon thing reads like an episode of Supernatural, but hey, the Eragon books were widely criticized as being highly derivative but I enjoyed them and thought the derivations worked. The truth is, there are no new stories, only new readers.