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Final Issue of Queen Sonja!

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  • Final Issue of Queen Sonja!

    Sad news for Queen Sonja fans:

    32 pages FC $3.99 Teen +
    Written by Luke Lieberman
    Art by Milton Estevam
    Cover by Lucio Parrillo
    It ends where it began, in the heart of Hyrkania itself. Red Sonja is queen no more, but before she is done with the realm of crowns and kings, there is royal blood yet to be spilled, and her homeland yet to free.

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    I agree. Although I stopped collecting Queen Sonja after issue #24, I had always hoped that it would make a great vehicle to tell some tales of ol' Red as a 60 or 70 year old monarch, still trying to be the legendary "Red Sonja" way past her prime and dealing with issues such as arthritis, lack of mobility, a decease in battle prowess, and her subjects no longer even wanting her to be the possibilites were endless.

    But, I am rambling......Cheers for the book. I better track down those missing issues before they are gone!

    Long Live the Queen!


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      Well it had a longer run than any of Marvel's stuff. Enjoyed the series, but it was no way anywhere near as good as Eric's Red Sonja.


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        of course not.


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          I never liked nor hated this series, I just felt as I do with King Conan there is a limit to what you can do with these heroes as rulers (Kings or Queens) they are more the adventuring type, & less stay at home in one place and rule one land types. I think this kind of story would make a great 4 part mini series where they can fight and rise to lordship, but to keep it going on a monthly scale just seems hard to do. (and keep it intresting to the fans) I just feel like if Superman became the US president could DC make that work for 4 years of monthly comics and keep fans hanging on each month waiting for the next issue? (that would be at least a 48 issue run) That said I enjoyed the Lucio Parillio covers and some of the artwork inside, and there where some good stories too, but as far as wanting to have a 100 issue run of her sitting on the throne, hmm, I think I can let this one go.


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            Sad thing because I've been enjoying the series. Financially, it means one less book on my pull list, which can be considered a good thing.