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Vampirella vs. Fluffy - epic expectations but kinda meh

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  • Vampirella vs. Fluffy - epic expectations but kinda meh

    That one-shot had great moments (the puritan ghosts, the incessant quipping) but somehow I felt all the injokes passed by me. And I'm a fan of the Buffy series (quite contrary to the "Twilight" nuking in Annual 2, where the only thing I knew that "Twilight" is a lot of bat guano ), thus not exactly dumb.

    Anyone an idea what went wrong [for me]?

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    No Way not another "MEH"! I bought this issue its in the mail I was so hoping it was going to be awesome. Some of the frames I viewed looked really good. I'll re-edit my comment later once I've received my issue.


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      Randall to the rescue!
      OK, so here we already have Reason 1: The Scoobie Gang never talked THAT brainless. OK, it's a parody, but it still gets on my nerves. If I have to look it up on first, it sucks.
      I carefully reread everything and come to Reason 2: Gag-driven plot. Hey, gag-driven plot is ALL I ever write in my own fanfics, but doesth the gag fall flat, so doesth the plot. (I still don't have a bloody idea how the Puritan Ghosts were vansquished. OK, I DO have an idea, but not more.)
      Reason 3: Obviously, it's easier to parody bat-guano than an epic win series.
      Reason 4: No showing of schoolboys salivating on their ersatz teacher.
      Reason 5: Fluffy stakes Vampis hand, Vampi breaks a few assorted bones of Fluffy in return, and the day after they are best friends? Oh, right, comic xover rules. Although either MORE fighting or MORE excuses thereafter would have been in order.
      Reason 6: There is no reason 6.
      Reason 7: No Anyanka (or parody thereof). FAAAAAAAIL!


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        yeah . . . Fail . . .

        The overall fail here is that the source material: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is both very well written (the TV show and the comic) AND is already extremely clever in its self-referential satire. Buffy never took itself too seriously – inside jokes, pop-culture nods, a musical episode . . . all while staying true to its “girl-power” overarching principles. With source material that good, it would take and epic writer to spoof it . . . and sadly this attempt fails. The Fluffy Jokes are lame (a poor-man’s Buffy). And as long as we’re attempting to spoof Buffy – why is Vampirella not spoofed as well. Fluffy vs Trampella could have been funny. Sadly this appears that someone wanted to write a straightforward Vamiprella / Buffy cross-over – but could not get the licensing rights – so names were changed and it was labeled a "spoof."

        And by-the why, what the hell happened in this story anyway? It’s really unclear how the demons are defeated . . . What’s in the bag V leaves inside the gym . . . Condoms? Dildos? Is that where this went?
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