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#72 - when is it coming out?

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    I really don't know why Darrick wants to draw Hughie with a 'comfort' belly when he knows it will only make his drawing even sloooooooowwwweeerrrrrrr. there... I put a little emotion thing in to make it clear I am having a bit of a laugh. D'ya get me, company man? Are we on the level, Dynamite Guy?


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      Page 1 of 24: Yes! Final issue! I'm so excited I'm going to punctuate everything with an exclamation mark! Did a pigeon just shit on Hughie's sunglasses?

      Page 2 of 24: No, it wasn't a pigeon at all! It was a supe! Ha, ha! Hughie emits an unwarranted sense of self-satisfaction and confidence despite the fact everyone he knows in this city that he inexplicably continues to live in is dead, mostly owing to his own ineptitude! Fat hamster!

      Page 3 of 24: Ah, yes! I vaguely remember that promising arc about 9/11 that we read 4 or so years ago!

      Page 4 of 24: Hughie uses his 'The Boys' Club Card which allows him unlimited access to any place at any time with no need for any further explanation whatsoever!

      Page 5 of 24: Hughie somehow manages to avoid having the shit beaten out of him by some guys fitting a plaque and wearing fluorescent jackets! Hughie rolls his eyes at his own piss-poor attempt at creating a requiem for his teammates!

      Page 6 of 24: Stillwell comes for a formal meeting with Hughie! Without bodyguards! On a park bench! About three metres from the recently reconstructed Brooklyn Bridge!

      Page 7 of 24: Hughie talks! Stillwell talks a bit and looks like a disgruntled Jeremy Irons until Hughie gives him a baggie of drugs and he turns into Bambi!

      Page 8 of 24: Hughie demands that Stillwell personally rebuild the Flatiron, brick by brick! Stillwell is stung by a bee off-panel which causes his face to swell dramatically! Justice is served! Corporations are bad!

      Well, I look forward to reading the other two thirds of the final issue on Wednesday.


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        2 - Hmmm. The supes are back... Hmmm.
        3 - Brooklyn Bridge is back. Yay.
        4 - Where did Hughie get ahold of Psychic Paper?
        5 - No mention of Terror?
        6-8 - Hughie and Stillwell. Zzzz


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          Just found this SPOILER HEAVY review. If it's real, of course. Which it has no reason not to be.

          Sounds... dull. Incredibly dull. Ho-hum.


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            This is how "The Boys" ends
            This is how "The Boys" ends
            This is how "The Boys" ends

            Not with a bang but a whimper


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              For all that it was and all that it wasn't...
              The Deep's fate is revealed...
              And I haven't stopped laughing.