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The Lone Ranger: Snake of Iron

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  • The Lone Ranger: Snake of Iron

    Chuck Dixon is doing masterly job of scripting this series. I have thoroughly enjoyed his writing on several different series over the years and I feel that this current Lone Ranger miniseries is the best he has produced in a long time. Any chance of his being assigned to do the regular monthly series?

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    REALLY enjoying this mini as well.

    Actually, I've enjoyed Dynamite's take on THE LONE RANGER since issue one. They've done a great job.


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      Both Lone Ranger and Snake of Iron were titles I picked up just to see what they were like. I was always mildly interested in the Lone Ranger as a kid. But Parks and Dixon have done an excellent job with the stories. Polls art is perfect for the title. Great teams + great character = great read.

      I am surprised we have not seen more discussion on these titles.


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        Unlike some of the other DE titles recently under discussion, I wouldn't say the 2 Lone Ranger titles are towards the bottom of my DE reading pile. But I've just sort of been quietly enjoying these books, without a lot to comment on. (Maybe the fact that I have no nits to pick can be taken as a good indicator?) I more or less felt the same about Zorro, as well. Just a good, solid reliable read, month in-and-out.
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