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Straw Poll - How do people feel about buying DE's multiple cover variants?

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    I have no interest in varients...

    ...AND, for some unGODLY reason, my comic shop consistantly pulls the WORST cover for me.

    I'm just fired up because I didn't get the Darwyn Cooke cover for THE SHADOW #7.


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      My LCBS does a good job of pulling the cover I want. And it's rarely a problem to change covers. I have a few of the black and white covers for GH and Kato from a dollar back issue sale (its the only way I buy multible covers) and I think I have at least 1 of the virgin covers. They usually rune the Dollar sale every few months so I plan ahead with a list.
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        Originally posted by tony ingram View Post
        You can find pretty much any "hot" comic from the 90s in the discount bins, these days. The manager of my LCS, a friend of mine and a pretty good artist in his own right, keeps a coffee stained copy of Liefeld's X-Force #1 under the counter just so that he can pull it out and demonstrate to people exactly how lousy Liefeld is at anatomy, composition and backgrounds at any time.
        Too easy. The real challenge would be to try to put as big a dent as possible in the print run of that issue by coffee-staining as many copies as possible. Good luck with that.
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          I only tend to buy one cover, usually the one that appeals to me best, though lately my LCS only has one in anyhow. ,But at least Dynamite tends to have a 50-50 policy, unlike Marvel's current policy of odering 250 copies to get 1 variant which the LCS then trys to sell for twice or thrice the cover price, THATS A TURN OFF! (And my LCS now has a wall full of Marvel variants it cant sell hahahaha!)


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            Feeling indifferent

            I usually don't buy more than one cover.
            Masks #1 is an exception.
            I bought two different covers.
            I like Alex Ross' artistic approach... and usually end up with his covers. (Masks, T-Bolt and The Shadow.)

            There are a couple other exceptions but they have to do with other companies.