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  • Dynamite is outstanding!

    When I was a kid in the late 80's , early 90's I never knew anybody who read anything besides marvel or dc. Marvel was a big favorite, man in 1990 they could have put out an issue called "X-MEN, TAX DEADLINE!!(TIME FOR SOME DEDUCTIONS!)" and I would have thrown my 2 bucks at them faster then you can blink.

    Well I "got out" of comics for over a decade, ironically it was the success of the marvel hero movies that made me say to myself "man, I really miss reading about those guys", which in turn led start buying Dynamite titles. I bought issue 1 of Vampirella and stayed with it ever since, since dynamite always runs promos of their new stories I just kept buying new ones and I mean they are good! I now read Vampirella, Pantha, Damsels, Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt, The Spider, Prophecy, Masks and Evil Ernie, I've also finished #4 of Witchblade: Demon Reborn.

    Compare that to what I read of the "Big 2", Nightwing(dc) and "All new xmen (:/). This is a very drastic conversion if I do say so myself.

    I realize that a lot of these stories are old, and old school fans like, well, positronic for example ( I spent days lurking before I could post) have varied opinions on things, But its all new and very refreshing to me.

    Also, I can't help but admire Dynamite, I don't want to have this post removed so i'll be careful with how I say this. Dynamite has some serious testicular fortitude!

    I mean, Not only do they have the..testicular fortitude to challenge the big 2 on their turf but they are doing it by consistently and constantly putting out good stories, instead of relying on some hail mary title that makes it big mainstream.

    I'm not a kid anymore, and no longer limited to my allowance on what I can buy, I do well for myself, and as long as dynamite keeps kicking butt and taking names, i'll be happy to spend my money on them. Thanks for the hours of entertainment guys!
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