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  • Galaxy Quest (PLEASE!!!)

    So I was watching the movie, and I have to say . . . in a lot of ways it is a classic, but it is almost entirely self-contained . . . the story is very tight, and any kind of sequel or continuation of it would feel incredibly forced and lame. This happened with the IDW continuation, it felt like it had entirely lost the spirit of the original . . . simply not understanding the humor of the movie, nor did it understand that it had serious dramatic moments.

    So why . . . why would I be asking for Dynamite to pick up the license, and produce a comic series based on the galaxy quest property . . . I am not exactly.

    I am asking you, to pick up the rights to the property . . . and produce the television series in comic-format. I am not asking for a continuation of the film, or anything taking place in the films universe . . . I want you guys to make a comic based on the "television series" called "galaxy quest" that exists within that universe. What the Thermians of the film called "Historical Documents".

    A semi-chessy, semi-serious science fiction series very similar to star trek.

    but here is the thing . . . there is a crap-ton of detail between the film, the novelization, the official promotional material, props, advertisements, promotional websites, and the follow up comic.

    about the universe of the meta-fictional television series.

    in fact, there is information on over 30 of the original series "episodes"

    it is somewhat amazing how much work and love went into the film, just into this fake television series.

    I have been compiling a list from official materials.

    (I assure you that this list is as accurate as it can possibly be considering the nature of the galaxy quest film)

    so that is what I want . . . why do I want this? because it would be nice to see someone else in on the joke of the film, you could provide information about how the comic adaption differs from the episode at the back of each issue (background was given the depth the creators intended, uniform color was corrected, things like that), have a few paragraphs explaining why exactly the comic book adaption is being made (there was a studio fire, and we wished to provide an alternative view of the story of each episode . . . or something)

    the meta-aspects of adapting this into a series would be fun enough, but at the same time . . . you would be creating a semi-cheesy space adventure, good opportunity for good drama and fun!

    And a chance to pay homage to an era of science fiction that . . . truly, is not recognized enough.