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More Dynamite Trades??

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  • More Dynamite Trades??

    I am just wondering if I should buy more DE trades?

    I already have:
    Green Hornet: Year One
    Kirby: Genesis
    Black Terror
    Project Superpowers: Meet The Bad Guys
    Project Superpowers
    Death Defying Devil Volume 1
    Warlord Of Mars
    Warlord Of Mars: Dejah Thoris
    Lord Of The Jungle
    The Shadow
    The Spider
    Dark Shadows

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    Dynamite Trades: More?

    I certainly hope so because a reversal of fortune has cut into my comics budget and most single issues on my list are going to be culled in favor of the trade format.Even with Dynamites slightly higher prices per volume I'l be following the rest of Warlord after issue #30 in trade,Dejah Thoris after#24 in trade,and Lord of The Jungle after#14 in trade.I hope to pick up Dejah "White Apes" and "Green Men" in trade,and I need to catch up on Lone Ranger Vol.#3& 4 soon, among others. I haven't even started with The Shadow or Phantom yet.So many books so little time.