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    Not right at this moment... kind of dealing with a bit of a crisis right now (partner in hospital).

    I have a continuity essay or three you might like though...


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      The best idea I have heard re DH Conan/Sonja says that Conan was out around the Vilayet when he met Sonja, but before "Queen of the Black Coast," so that would put it maybe right around the end of Conan the Cimmerian and before the current run.


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        looking forward to it

        I've never read a Red Sonja series, just the cross over in Prophecy, I've always wanted to but I just felt like I would be clueless comming into long running series.

        I'm really excited about this News with Gail Simone and a reboot. I read the interview with her, She genuinely seems excited and inspired about it herself.

        I'll finally have a chance to read a character I've always wanted to read but was afraid to.

        Also, Gail Simone is awesome.
        I mean I really like DC's Batgirl series though, so i'm biased but whatever. She writes the hell out of that series, to me, Batgirl is the best of the bats.

        So. Writer I really like, Character i've always wanted to get more into, Reboot that allows me to do so. Will definately be picking it up.

        P.S to Gail Simone issues 19 and 20 of Batgirl have been stellar
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          Originally posted by brickbutler View Post

          Walter Geovani is a great artist, admittedly I only really came to know his work in the Prophecy cross-over event, Which I thought he did an incredible job at.

          Bleeding cool has even more panels of his work for issue #1 now, and it is really great stuff, you couldn't ask for better interior art.

          Simone/Geovani is a team that is absolutely going to rock.


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            No agenda please

            I came back to comics too late to get into the Red Sonja run, Too much had passed, I've heard so many people say good thing sabout Eric Trautman's run though.

            I'm looking forward to reading Gail Simones, I love the way she writes batgirl, but did you know that until this red sonja was announced and I did some research on her I didn't know she was a feminist?

            I'm fine with that, but the internet is a stupid place, everyone is pushing some agenda, personally I think its cool for Sonja to have a female writer, a writer who for me made Batgirl a real person that I cared about, She can do awesome things with Sonja, But I think it should be clear that she still has to write a good story. Politically correct hipness and agendas will create a nice buzz and sell a first issue, but it won't carry a title.

            I bring this up because its a big thing these days, Case in point, the recent issue of X-men #1, All female team, all the reviews gave it 5/5 or 10/10 or such, and it cleary did not deserve it. So much was made of the fact it was all female, as if that in itself made it a great comic and story, its horseshit plain and simple. It was a good comic, I'd give it 3-3.5/5 but just because it was supposed to be some political statement its like it go 1-1.5 stars because so many people are pushing it as an agenda and not as a comic.

            Many male writers have been completely fair to female characters, Eric Trautman and Brandon Jerwa have made a tough as nails yet still feminine Vampirella, the X-men characters Storm, Rogue, Jean Grey, have been strong intelligent and realistic character for decades under male writers. I read blogs online where women are saying to buy this, even though they admit to not having ever read comics before, simply because Gail Simone is a feminist.

            This upsets me. I'm all for drawing more women into comics, At my local store there are many women comic readers from the local college, Its a nice to have that dynamic when talking comics, but Sonja being a female character and Gail Simone being a feminist should not be the reason to buy the title. I hope she and her devoted following realize that. Comic fans vote with their money and it takes more then a slick agenda to pull in the sales every month.

            That being said, Simone is a great writer, like I said, I love her Batgirl, I believe her when she says she is excited about this take on Sonja, I'm excited to get into the character finally. I just hope that the interwebs don't think that just because of the character and Simones idealogies that this title deserves to be a great. The fans will decide that, and it will come down to the story she crafts.

            Edit: I'm not even sure why the interwebs are making this deal out of it. Female characters have been in comics for a long time, and most have not been bimbo morons, Many of my favorite characters have been female, and I feel safe speaking for other guys when I say I would not have liked them if they were not full, real characters, and it has nothing to do with their cup size.
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