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Vampirella #28

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  • Vampirella #28

    About the only thing I liked about this issue was the reference to Starpatch. So sorry, but this is a rant.

    First, the art has GOT to go! I was trying to give it a chance but the ending basically ended it for me. Vampi's shocked reaction at the close, when she sees who she's been fighting, was both ugly and familiar. It took me two days to realize - it was classic John Byrne. So Vampi, once drawn by the incomparable Jose Gonzalez, is now drawn by someone trying to emulate a comic artist famous for NOT being able to draw a female face! Aaarrrgghhh!!!

    And the writing. Now we find out the hunters that gave Vampi such a hard time last issue were just men wearing masks!?!? And the tired, going-through-the-motions "battle" to get to the fortress -- the writing was unimaginative (and not helped a bit by the art) with the required Harris-esque gratuitous violence when Lilith is skewered by the nondescript monster. It was just boilerplate. I guess I don't blame the artist for not being inspired. The fight between Vampi and the protagonist at the end (I won't spoil it) was just as pointless, stale and tired. Only Joe Harris could make this worse.

    Back to the men in masks. Does anyone remember the Holy War and Blood Red Queen series from the Harris days? Back when they had the White Bishop and the alien antibodies and the future Dixie and all that crap? That just evaporated with no resolution (make that no editing)? I suspect this storyline is back in some form. Well, if it is actually explained and resolved, that will be a positive. I'm not holding out hope, however.

    Just fix the art. A beautiful, sexy Vampi with some imaginative interpretation of the bland script would go a long way.

    But if the writing is fixed, I would suggest bringing back Mike Carey. I just re-read Revelations. Wonderful.