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Grimm #1 (not sure where this should go)

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  • Grimm #1 (not sure where this should go)

    Hey, Just picked up Grimm #1 and am very happy about it, great read, fast paced, suspenseful. Loved it... Anyone else reading Grimm and want to comment?... Also, sorry if this is not where to put this thread- I posted the question of where to put it to the moderators twice recently and have gotten no response... ->Moderators, please feel free to move the thread, or delete it and tell me where to put it, thanks.

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    Here is probably fine place.

    Anyways, I grabbed issue 1 today. I have never watched the show and I really enjoyed it. Enough information was present in the comic to make newcomers feel perfectly at ease reading it.

    Will definitely check out issue 2.


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      Don't read it myself but I've got a friend who does and she said it was great. Made the point of getting the FCBD 0 issue for her and then she picked up #1 and loved them.
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