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Queen Sonja comes to an end.

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  • Queen Sonja comes to an end.

    Well, so ends the experiment of putting the She-Devil on a throne.

    So did it work? Did the very concept of Sonja ditching the chain-mail bikini for a crown irk you to no end?

    Personally I liked it. I did think they spent too much time with Sonja fighting off invaders.

    I pictured Sonja becoming like Queen Elizabeth...loved by her people and envied by all other monarchs. Ah well...


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    The retcons and the death/reincarnation stuff put me off it from the very beginning, sorry. It was like some sort of Elseworlds Sonja to me.


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      It had potential, but sacking the writer after only 6 issues, when he supposedly was to have it for at least a year or more, was a blow the series never recovered from. Writers were continually being changed, there was no sense of direction, and the character herself was never able to settle into her role. It's as though they wanted to try with Sonja what Conan did, but forgot one not so small detail. Conan, before becoming king, had about 20 years of experience behind him, and not just as a wandering adventurer. He had a wide base of experience, much of it in command, and was no stranger to the halls of power. In short, he was ready for the job. They Sonja they used has no such experience base - whether in time or portfolio. Little background is given, what there is is of the skilled fighter/adventurer sort, not leadership. Whether it was planned or not, she was set up to fail.


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        Honestly I thought the Queen Sonja stuff had potential but ended up being garbage. I would not ever recommend Queen Sonja to anyone, not when there are plenty of better sonja stories out there.