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    Any other Damsels fans read Damsels Mermaids #1 yet?

    It was really good, obviously i'm a huge fan of the main Damsels story. This has a different writer/illustrator team.

    Matt Sturges writes a good story and opener to this Mini and and Jean Paul Deshong's art is top notch stuff. I'd say that the Mermaids book was different enough that you knew it was a different writer and artist, but also stayed faithful to the feel and atmosphere of the main story.

    Ivan Nunes and Simon Bowland also do the coloring and letters so that definately also keeps readers in that familiar feeling world. A wonderful story so far. I'm excited for the next issue, and more expansion on the world of Damsels.

    That being said I have 2 minor complaints.
    1. Even though it doesn't really surprise me, the opening of Mermaids sort of tells you point blank the direction the little Mermaid will take in the main story.

    2. Deshongs depiction of the Mermaid is good but...well, it isn't Aneke's. That is certainly nothing against the caliber of his work. Its just for me, the little Mermaid is my favorite character from the Main story. I love Aneke's art in that story, and it its her version of the mermaid that I love.

    To sum up minor/selfish complaints. Maybe spoilery and because I love Aneke's Mermaid so much it will prevent me from ever loving another artists depiction of her , even if it is good.
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    I enjoyed it quite a bit, and made me want to get catch up again on Damsels, thankfully I was only missing 2 issues.

    I really wish it wasn't a mini though.


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      On the Damsels thread I believe John Reppion said that the main Damsels was slated for 16 issues! So mini, yeah but in the broadest sense possible. I mean thats freaking awesome, and consider that DE has already put out this mini from that, and another one around the end of summer.

      As far as Mermaids, Sturges and Deshong did an awesome job, So when I say its different thats definately not bad, I see this story doing a love story/revenge story theme, Will be a lot more action scenes then in the main story. In fact right off the bat in #1 it shows her fighting a group of sharks.


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        Finally read issue 0 and issue 1. I absolutely loved them.


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          That's the beautiful thing. Matt is enhancing the mythos that are there by Leah and John. It's a nice mix of voices on books we're proud to be publishing.


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            Definately, and do me a favor. Mr Barucci

            Originally posted by nickybdynamite View Post
            That's the beautiful thing. Matt is enhancing the mythos that are there by Leah and John. It's a nice mix of voices on books we're proud to be publishing.

            You should be proud, I think the main Damsels line is going to be something of a sleeper hit. The longer it goes on the more people come to it and realize how incredible it is. I'd put money on this series eventually receiving the mainstream credit it truly deserves for being a masterpiece.

            Mr. Nick Barruci ( I can call you Lord Captain-Commander if you prefer)Perhaps you can do me a favor, Issue 10 of Damsels will have cover art by Aneke. I'm hoping you will do the high end variant with only 25 in existence, but maybe take it a step further, get those 25, or 10 of 25 signed by Reppion, Moore, Aneke, Nunes and Bowland.

            I've been wanting to treat myself to a high end Variant, issue 3 for example by Aneke. Its a lot of money but It should be noted I'm not wanting this to try and make a quick buck on ebay, in fact that type of crap disgusts me. I'll buy it without the autographs, but I just want something super cool from a series I love by a creative team that I think is wonderful.

            Not printed signatures, actually them to sign the issues, I'm sure they can sign 10-25 issues each, I could understand you charging more for those and I'd pay it, its the only way I can get something I want. John Reppion said him and leah have never been to a stateside Con and the high end variant will still be cheaper then flying to England and disturbing him and his family during their evening meal. Aneke, I'm pretty sure thats not her real name, nobody really knows who she is, I hope to see a lot from her in the future, but thats not a gaurantee, Maybe she is one of those recluse artist who will go insane under the weight of her genius, hopefully not, but i'd like to play it safe.

            It seems that Simon Bowland and Ivan Nunes never stop working, especially Simon Bowland, does that guy ever sleep?

            In short I can never track the whole team down to get an autograph, and I really want an issue signed by them all, if it cost me 300 bucks i'm fine with that. I don't need to sell a rare comic online to make money, I have a good job, thats how I make money, I just want something special and unique from this series.

            Please consider it Mr. Barucci, the ownder of my Local comic store says you guys should pay me for all the free advertising I do for you, I'll settle for a high end variant autographed by the team, and I have the means to actually buy it.

            Edit: Hell Charge 400 if you feel its justified, just please consider it, then after considering, actually do it. Keep me posted here on the forums, If/when You do I want to reserve a copy before the ebay Vultures get them. They won't appreciate it like I would/will. Oh would be a dream come true.
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