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  • Uncanny #1

    I had been eagerly awaiting this title since the first time DE brought it up. I called it months before, saying that this title was going be awesome. I had such high hopes for Uncanny #1...

    It was better then I could have imagined. What a great book! The first Issue#1 hits the ground running, and you get a good feel for weaver. There are so many different elements of different genre's that I like, and Andy Diggle just took it all and made a Gumbo of Awesomeness.

    The closest thing to it I had read before was Image's "Fatale". A great title to be sure, an amazing title even....Uncanny #1 was better!

    If this quality characterization and storytelling continues, and I have little doubt it will, This title is going to be MONSTER!

    Thank you NickyB, all of DE and Andy Diggle and Aarron Campbell for conjuring forth this avatar of ass-kickery!

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    Wtf guys!??

    The fact that nobody else is talking about Uncanny is seriously disturbing..oh man. This brings me down on so many levels. I have slightly reduced faith in both other forum members here as well as humanity as a whole.


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      I was curious about this series, but seeing how I enjoy most everything I have read from Andy Diggle I decided to give this a try. I really enjoyed it. I'm hooked.


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        This could easily be a TV series (and I mean a really GOOD TV series) or an action movie; it has just enough real world stuff (a grifter, exotic locale, no costumes) and just enough subtle "powers" stuff.

        Great book. Good to see Dynamite cultivating a few original series in addition to the licensed and company-owned stuff. Red Team is excellent as well, but Uncanny is sure to be Dynamite's gem of the year.
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