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Can anyone "F" with Dynamite Entertainment right now? Video included

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  • Can anyone "F" with Dynamite Entertainment right now? Video included


    Between an amazing line of pulp titles like The Green Hornet, The Black Bat, The Shadow, The Spider, MASKS, Dark Nights, Miss Fury, and upcoming projects like Kings Watch and Codename: Action, and with Simone on Red Sonja, Niles on Army of Darkness, and other huge titles like Galactica, Game of Thrones, and Grimm I just can't see how Dynamite can't be considered one of (if not) the absolute best publisher in comics....or at least indie comics. Not to mention Warlord of Mars, Dejah Thoris, the relaunch of the Project Superpowers franchise, and other amazing stuff they've got going on and will probably announce soon I can't see how other companies can hope to compete with quality such as this. Sure, Image and Valiant will compete with sales and loyalty, but man.....Dynamite is tearing the roof off of the industry right now and their fan base is buzzing with excitement with every new book that hits.

    Hopefully they keep up the amazing work.

    Below is a video I uploaded to YouTube today about Dynamite entertainment and if anyone can "F" with them and thier quality. Check it out.....

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    Hilarious and really cool video, albeit strong on the language lol.

    And no, Dynamite is in a league all their own with production and the quality of their books.
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      Trash-talking other publishers is juvenile and unnecessary. Is Dynamite producing high-quality comics these days? You bet. But every other comic publisher doesn't have to be crap for Dynamite to be good and for their comics to be worth checking out. Leave the negative BS out of it. If you really want to evangelize for Dynamite, try not to be such a dick to people who may like other comics as well.