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Back East Storyline vs The Lone Ranger Movie

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  • Back East Storyline vs The Lone Ranger Movie

    YOu know, the last Lone Ranger post on this forum was about how aweful the movie was. Let's not dispute that! But reading the comics at the moment, I can't help but think that the current "Back East" storyline has given us something that the millions of dollars poured into the film didn't - something new for the Masked Man, or at least relatively seldom done. There's a whole pile of ambush narratives in the Lone Ranger's past - just about every production's done it - but aren't many that take the Lone Ranger out of the frontier and out of his depth (the only other that springs to mind readily is the Barbary Coast saga from the radio days - sending TLR to San Francisco, a western city but a city nonetheless...) and my hats off to Parks and Polls for what reads like a bit of a daring and unconventional move.

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    Thanks so much, nonefornic. It was important to me to get The Ranger and Tonto to a city. I mainly wanted to see them operate there... see the differences between how the two men inhabit that setting. But, given where we've taken the characters, it also gave me a chance to do something I wasn't always planning on: looking into how and why John Reid went to college. What it meant to his family, etc.

    Anyway, I'm delighted you're enjoying it, and feel it's added something kind of new to the characters' illustrious legacies.