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When Harry Met Sonja....

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  • When Harry Met Sonja....

    I'm curious to know how fans first 'met' Sonja....I found Marvel Features issue 6 in a 3 pack of comics that I got on a long car trip from Stone Mountain, GA to New Orleans, LA to visit my Grandmother. It was in the middle of the pack, invisble to my 9 year old eyes...but boy, did they grow wide when I got a load of that cover! I took a lot of reasing from my mother for that comic, but I read it and loved it. There were no comic book shops in Stone Mountain-we got our comics at Majik Market (like 7-Eleven stores) and I would sneak home the occaisonal Sonja book (when they had it) inbetween Sgt Rock, Weird War, Jonah Hex or Spider-Man...I stopped reading comics around age 12. I collected breifly in the mid 1990's to about 2000, and lost my collection in a divorce, so my classic issues were lost...I have only recently begun to collect again, and was so delighted to discover my beloved was back in production. I am slowly getting caught up...and amazed at the Fan Art on ebay & deviantart.

    So, what's your 'magic moment'?

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      I think 'funpark' is a spammer or bot....


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        not a particularly effective one though it seems.


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          my introduction to Red Sonja

          My first meeting was that awful movie...I was expecting "Conan II" and was really disappointed...a friend loaned me a couple of the 2nd series comics, and I was entranced...then I read some of the first series, and really fell in love...I'm just glad she's alive and well...haven't heard any movie rumours in a while...I guess that's probably a good thing? I can't see Megan Fox in the role.


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            First saw the movie on TV in the 80's. Terrible.

            Then in 1996 while on an apprenticeship I would spend time in the local comicbook store (no longer there) searching through the back issue longboxes, and I found a section called Red Sonja, made up of Marvel Feature, Vol.1, 2 and 3, all for 1 each, I bought the lot over the course of a few weeks and then went and bought all the Conan issues they had with Sonja. Every few years I would (and still do) go searching on eBay for the missing issues.


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              Read a few old Conan comics and met her then, and later on the novels. Tracked down some old comics after that, but really got on board with DE reboot in what, 2005?

              Now, own just about everything in print! :0


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                I personally fell in love with Conan first.........
                1-from the arnold films,
                2-to the terrible 90's cartoon with the badass theme song "Conan! The adventurer! Conan! Warrior without fear!"
                3- to the old marvel comics, of which I still own,
                4- to the 80's red sonja flick that I had on VHS! (as a little kid I thought that arnold WAS Conan in the sonja film) My uncle had a barbarian vhs collection that I got from him in 1992-1993 ish. I had red sonja, both conan's, all 4 deathstalker's, 2 beastmasters, Barbarella, He-man with dolph lundgren, a couple of barbarian B-movies with david carridine, oh and Lady hawk with the guy who played ferris bueller.

                So conan came first for me, but red sonja was discovered shortly after! I have been a red sonja fan since the age of 5 or 6.


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                  and also I think Excalibur and any barbarian flick called death mountain was in the "vhs barbarian pile" (or death valley, or something like that, anyway the flick was aweful and didnt have anyone famous in it)


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                    Me: *looking at a Red Sonja cover* This looks cool
                    My LCS Owner: Here, you should read Spider-Man/Red Sonja. I happen to have the trade in stock...

                    Several years and many hundreds of dollars later, I still like Sonja just as much as when I first started reading her. I knew of the character from Conan back in the day but my first experience (besides that Marvel crossover) was Dynamite's stuff. She's definitely one of my favorite comics characters though.

                    Counting the trades, I've got the full print run of her Dynamite stuff too (missing several minis, but everything from the ongoings). Can't say that about any other character really.