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  • Vampirella 33

    I really enjoyed seeing Mamba in this issue, I really enjoyed her in the brief Pantha run as well.

    Would be very awesome to get the Blood Red Queen of Hearts back in the mix in some fairly consistent manner.

    Also, Maybe its a moot point, but I sort of figured that by this point old Dracula would poking his head out of what ever other dimensional rock he has been under.

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    Dynamite should really consider pairing the present writer with someone who can end a story. This ending had more deux ex machina than a Russell Davies' Doctor Who episode. To wrap it up with a whisper that's not even decipherable is a huge cop-out and let-down to the readers. Sort of the exact opposite way Archie Goodwin would have handled it. This was little better than just skipping to the final panel. Admittedly, it's hard to come up with clever twist endings; hence the need to share the load.


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      So there's an article in the September 9th Time magazine about Miley Cyrus's latest antics titled "Pop Drop: From Madonna to Miley; Cyrus' derivative stunt reveals an artistically bankrupt music culture." The article discusses how Madonna's inspiration was ..."work of tremendous quality -- Marlene Dietrich's glamorous movie roles and Bob Fosse's Cabaret. Today's aspiring singers...are simply aping feeble imitations of Madonna at 10th remove." The article finishes up with "The greatest performers, like Madonna in a canonical video like 'Vogue,' know how to use suggestion and mystery to project the magic of sexual allure. Miley, go back to school!"

      This perfectly sums up my feeling about comics, a medium I have been reading since about 1966. The great writers, like Archie Goodwin or Roy Thomas, grew up reading the true classics. The next generation of writers grew up reading Archie and Roy, the next reading those that read Archie and Roy. Like a copy of a copy of a copy, the results deteriorate with time. This is why, after waiting decades for the return of Adam, Pantha, Pendragon...they are nothing but crude, disappointing sketches. I'm probably being too harsh, though. Even in the '60s and '70s, Goodwin and Thomas were special. In retrospect, we were very lucky to have them spend some time on Vampirella and Red Sonja, and I'm truly grateful I was there for it.
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        Just some minor bitching...

        ...I thought #32 started good, but as usual when it comes to citing Warren classics,
        Dynamite Didn'tDoTheResearch: Paul Giraud turned to the dark side and died in a later Vampirella issue.
        Don't ask me to look up which...(around #43) - that was the writers job!