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Fallout... oh god please...

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  • Fallout... oh god please...

    So I was thinking about what comics I would want Dynamite to do... and yesterday while looking at the fallout wiki I realized there was a whole plethora of cut content and stuff that hasnt been explored in the fiction of the Fallout universe... then I was reminded of this!

    An old school fallout (1) loading screen... I absolutely need an ongoing fallout series... Fallout is known for its dramatic stories, whilst not being afraid to do hilarious and over-the-top things, and certainly not afraid to portray violence for what it is... bloody and brutal. If Dynamite picked up the fallout license I would want to seem them carve out a portion of the north american wastelands to be their playground and just be awesome with it!

    Maybe even go through with realizing some of the cut-content stories like mutant alligators in florida, or the mutated GECK... I think dynamite would be an excellent fit for the Fallout universe!

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    Once again, I reiterate... please get the fallout license... and please have the covers based on these loading screens.