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    The TV series The Bionic Woman was a hit back in the 1970′s but didnít do so well when redone a couple years back. But what television couldnít do, Dynamite Entertainment can. The first story arc of the Paul Tobin written run is being collected and Jai Nitz sat down to talk to the writer about how he got involved and what he has planned for Jaime Summers.

    JAI NITZ: Did you watch the original Bionic Woman series when it aired? How did that play into your take on this book?

    PAUL TOBIN: I did watch some of the original series when I was younger, so I already had a love for the character and the world she lived in. Some of that made its way into the series, but Dynamite and I were really interested in bringing a freshness to Jaime, a feeling that she lived in THIS world, so my method was to write her as if she was a new plant from a vintage seed, as it were.

    JN: Paul, youíre known for Bandette and Colder and other fan favorites. What attracted you to this book?

    PT: Every book Iíve ever worked on, every book I create, my thing is always characterÖ what makes a person tick, why they do the things they do, and more importantly what they do when theyíre NOT saving the world, because I need to believe in them before I care about the story. Character comes first for me. Itís what gives credence to the stakes.

    JN: Is your take more Philip K. Dick or Paul Verhoeven?

    PT: My take is always Paul Tobin. I think itís important to avoid too much thinking about someone elseís style / presentation when I write. I donít want to do my version of their works.

    JN: How did you come to Dynamite?

    PT: Nick Barrucci and I met in an elevator while heading off to a convention party, and we discussed me maybe doing some work for Dynamite. We were both a little tipsy at the time, but it still sounded good in the morning. So we went for it. Iím a big pulp fan, and so many of the best pulp characters, the best characters overall, are under the Dynamite umbrellaÖ itís just a natural for me to dip my fingers into the pie now and then.

    JN: Iím always fascinated with how writers write. We know thereís no skeleton key to unlock all the secrets, but talk about your process. How do you write a script?

    PT: The first thing I do is conceive the basic plot. Whatís happening. WHY itís happening. How the bad guys get involved. How the good guys get involved. Just the basics. I write that up in a paragraph or so, mulling it over to make sense. After I feel good about it, I expand on it, bringing it up to between a half page or a full page of basic events. Then I begin the process of breaking it down into what happens on each pageÖ basically how much space I can ďspendĒ on each event. After that, I break the individual pages down into panels with rough staging / dialogue, etc. Then itís just a matter of going through and formatting it, bringing it to life, so that other people (editors, pencillers, letterers, colorists, pretty girls at coffee shops) will understand what Iím talking about.

    JN: This is the first Bionic Woman TPB. Do you feel it stands alone, or should readers look for the last five issues to really get the whole series?

    PT: It could work as a stand-alone, but work BETTER to have the whole run.

    JN: Whatís next for you at Dynamite? What other projects do you have upcoming?

    PT: Dynamite and I are still discussing next projects. Meanwhile, Iím still doing my Eisner award winning Bandette, and there will be more Colder with Juan Ferreyra over at Dark Horse. Speaking of Dark Horse, Iíll be releasing a Prometheus comic as part of a big crossover with Aliens and Predator. And a Witcher comic from Dark Horse as well. There are a couple of upcoming releases from OniÖ graphic novels. And I have an Adventure Time series coming out soon, which has been a lot of fun. Fairly soon, I should be announcing my next novels, because my Prepare To Die! novel was by no means my last. And thereís some projects in other media as well. And at least 3 comic titles that havenít been announced yet. SoÖ quite a lot, really!