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    We continue our ongoing column where Dynamite creators talk about their craft together here. Today we have Eddie Robson, whose retrospective on The Art of Sean Phillips is in stores now (not to mention Captain America: Living Legend), chatting with Garth Ennis, writer of Red Team and more for Dynamite.

    The pair talk about the final two issues of Red Team – and about what’s to come for the team when they return for a second series. Ennis also drops some hints about what’s to come for him in 2014 from other publishers, including a return to a Marvel character.

    Eddie Robson: This is the penultimate issue of Red Team. What kind of a wrap-up can we expect?

    Garth Ennis: On the one hand you've got quite an intense action sequence, as Red Team struggle to survive a firefight with a much larger and better-equipped force. On the other, what they've been up to over the past six issues has to be resolved with their position as officers of the NYPD- along with the question of just who Eddie and Trudy have been telling their story to.

    Robson: What have you enjoyed most about Red Team?

    Ennis: Developing the characters, watching them plan their incredibly risky undertaking and then try to live with the results of it. A big part of that has been working with Craig Cermak, who's brought the characters to life in a way that few artists could.

    Robson: Is there going to be any more from Red Team in the future?

    Ennis: There'll be a second series, which I'm working on right now: It's called “Double Tap, Centre Mass,” which roughly translated from ballistics-speak means "two bullets through the heart".

    Robson: It seems like it’s a good time for crime comics these days. Ten years ago there seemed to be hardly any. Do you think that’s true and if so, why do you think it is?

    Ennis: I never pay too much attention to whether the time is right for any particular story; I tend to just think them up and do them. One or two can certainly kick the door down for more.

    Robson: What else have you got coming up?

    Ennis: 2014's going to be a busy year for me. First up there's the aforementioned second series of Red Team.

    From Avatar, I've got Rover Red Charlie starting next month and another new series, Caliban, in February. My Crossed arc for next year is called “The Thin Red Line,” which is the story of the initial outbreak – that begins in Crossed: Badlands in March.

    The same month sees the third series of Dicks, with John McCrea, and looking further ahead there'll be a new War Story ongoing series from Avatar and a Punisher mini with Goran Parlov.

    Eddie Robson is the writer of Dynamite's The Art Of Sean Phillips, as well as Doctor Who: Skyjacks! and Captain America: Living Legend (both with Andy Diggle) and forthcoming strips for 2000AD. He also writes radio comedy for the BBC - his series Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully is available from iTunes and Audible - and Doctor Who audios for Big Finish Productions. You can find him on Twitter: @EddieRobson