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    Originally posted by Ghornet2 View Post
    The problems I have with the new 52 are highlighted in one character. Stargirl

    She's the step daughter of Stripsy . . . Oh wait he doesn't exist!.
    Apparently some form of the character does. Details are a bit fuzzy since he only appeared in a sequence essentially taking place in Stargirl's mind while she's trapped in a prison (constructed by the Crime Syndicate member Deathstorm) that is formed from the "matrix" that fuses Ron Raymond and Jason Rusch together to form Firestorm. This occurred in a couple of issues of Justice League of America that tied into the Forever Evil crossover event. IIRC they did show some form of the S.T.R.I.P.E. armor in one scene, but I don't actually own the comic so I can't check. Courtney gets the Cosmic Staff from her stepfather Pat Dugan's old boxes of stuff stored in the garage or attic, but they don't really specify much about his history or how he got it, or if they did have Dugan mention something I can't recall. Then again, she's just reliving this flashback in her mind, so who knows whether details are accurate or part or some sort of mental illusion, since the other Justice Leaguers were shown to each be trapped in individual scenarios that were tailor-made to mess with their minds.

    What I get out of it is that Pat Dugan is an older former hero (roughly the same age as Courtney's mom) who wore the S.T.R.I.P.E. armor and had a partnership with another hero who died. Courney never called herself "Star-Spangled Kid" in the New 52 version of her origin, so whether Pat's former partner was named that or "Starman" is unknown, but that former partner was the creator of the Cosmic Staff. There's probably no Cosmic Converter Belt or Cosmic Rod that preceded the Cosmic Staff in the New 52, and as far as I can tell there were no superheroes in the 1940s in the New 52. I don't know if there's a Starman in the New 52 EARTH 2 universe, but if not they're probably holding that character in abeyance for a possible future New 52 title, or the backstory of a former hero named Starman would be revealed as part of a more fleshed-out origin story in a New 52 Stargirl book.

    Yeah, you have to jump through hoops to reboot some characters with convoluted connections to other characters, especially if they were connected to a Golden Age hero in the pre-N52 DCU. Most of that is just going to get paved over to streamline the origin story. Connections to characters from the Golden Age don't matter in the New 52 universe. I don't know if was mentioned anywhere that Superman, or the Justice League, were the first characters in the history of the New 52 universe to have metahuman powers, but since the S.T.R.I.P.E. armor and the Cosmic Staff are just high-tech weapons, it doesn't really violate that premise. It's even possible that Pat Dugan is a refugee of Earth 2, like Power Girl, Huntress, and Mister Terrific.

    Obviously it takes all the fun out of these characters for people like us, but they're not marketing the New 52 to people like us, so it doesn't matter. The prevailing wisdom would be that DC's readers don't know or care much about World War II or "The Golden Age of Comics". Sure, on some level they're vaguely aware that characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have been around "like, forever", but they don't have the slightest interest in those decades-old iterations of the characters. To me it's sad, but I can't really challenge the accuracy of that perception. The people spending $75 a month on New 52 titles (or even $25 a month on Batman-related titles) aren't the same people spending $75 for a Golden Age Superman Omnibus or a Batman 75th Anniversary boxed set of action figures.
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      Bumping an old thread to share a pretty sharp image of Thundarr that I came across on deviantart. I knew he had a fan or two here, so...