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    I've always been a big fan of comic companies teaming up to release a crossover story with their characters. I was barely a kid out of high school in the 1970's when DC and Marvel released their giant sized Spider-Man/Superman book. Not only did it present our favorite heroes and their supporting casts in the same universe, it also, for the first time, presented the BIGGEST TWO guys in comics at that time, STAN LEE and CARMINE INFANTINO, on the inside cover complementing each others comic book creations. Now THAT was a first for its time, and still brings goose bumps to me just remembering it.

    If I'm not mistaken, and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, THE HULK and BATMAN was the next giant sized release by the two companies.

    Then later a standard sized X-MEN/TEEN TITANS came out.

    Over the years to follow we saw many more crossovers by DC/MARVEL. My favorite was the AMALGAM line and the ALL ACCESS series.

    I know there have been many other comic book companies who have published crossovers. I will leave it up you fellow fans to fill in the blanks. You know and remember what they are. Please post them and share them with us.

    My purpose for this topic is twofold: To remember and discuss the great crossover comics of the past, and to suggest that DYNAMITE consider a crossover of all of the characters they have the rights to publish.

    IMAGINE! A story so big that it would involve almost every DYNAMITE hero ever published. What would you pay to see DOC SAVAGE, SOLAR, RUEBIN FLAGG, THE ORIGINAL VISION, ASH, MIRACLEMAN, THE BIONIC MAN AND WOMAN, MAGNUS, CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BUCKY, THE PHANTOM, BLACK TERROR, and all the other heroes, teams and supporting casts TOGETHER AT LAST?

    I don't care how much it would cost. I would HAVE TO HAVE IT!

    So please think about it DYNAMITE, and thanks for GREAT COMICS!

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