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Nobody had anything to say about VAMPIRELLA #1?

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  • Nobody had anything to say about VAMPIRELLA #1?

    Wow, this is sort of CREEPY. Vampirella #1 was supposed to be kind of a major relaunch for DE - big name writer, multiple cover variants...
    Yet here it is nearly a week later, and the silence is positively EERIE. That CAN'T be a good sign. Good or bad, at least if people are motivated to comment on something it indicates they care about the character, and the fact that there are no comments here on DE's own forums may be a foreboding sign of failure, as if DE's audience has completely dried up and the first DE Vampi series so alienated Vampi's former fans that they've given up, ceased to care about DE publishing Vampi, and moved on to other things.

    While I'm nowhere near the "Vampi expert" that I'm sure other people who used to comment here could fairly claim, I guess it's down to me then.

    I liked it. And if you like "classic" Vampi, I think you should like it too. It has a nice retro (but not too retro) vibe to it, like a cross between a well-written example of a Marvel horror comic from the 1970s (like Ghost Rider or Son of Satan, maybe even Tomb of Dracula) and the 1968 Hammer film The Devil Rides Out. It doesn't LOOK like a 1970s Marvel horror comic, mind you, but the writing evokes that period and genre of comics to me, even ending on a last-panel "hook" for issue 2's storyline.

    The story here directly references Archie Goodwin's original "Cult of Chaos" story from the early Warren Vampirella magazines (to the point of flashback vignettes), but also carries over some elements from the previous DE Vampi series (the Vatican's clandestine Cestus Dei task force assigned to combat supernatural threats). As such, Vampi is still an agent of the aforementioned agency when the story begins. I don't want to fill this review with a bunch of spoilers, but I'll just say that I was somewhat doubtful whether or not this would win me over, particularly since I'd never read anything by Nancy Collins. It was a pleasant surprise to me to be able to give this an unqualified Thumbs Up, at least based on this one issue. Fingers crossed that it stays as interesting in successive issues, but so far I've got a positive feeling on this one.

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    Apologies to Ralph.

    Oops, I kind of forgot that Ralph (ralphuniverse) from down under did mention it a couple of days ago, over on the Vampirella #1 - First Look Interior Pages thread, commenting that he was glad he bought it because he usually doesn't much bother with horror stuff, and said it was "Off to a great start I say." Sorry I forgot, Ralph.

    I kind of wish you'd made a little bit of a fuss over it, though. This was a great first issue, I thought, much better on average than the typical Dynamite first issue. I'd sort of like to see it brought to people's attention that might not otherwise bother to take a look, that's all. Plus I'm now just a bit concerned that Ralph and I were the only ones to comment, so I thought it needed a new thread to get some attention.

    Let's hear some feedback, folks, whether you agree or disagree with Ralph and me about whether you liked it! I sure wish Dynamite had published THIS Vampirella #1 the first time around.
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      I read the preview, and it seemed promising, however I've never read any Vampirella comics in the past and not overly familiar with the character, I do have an interest in 60's/70's low budget horror though. They have a good selection of variants as well, I always like Art Adams covers especially.


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        I only have so big a budget, and Vampirella isn't a big priority with me.


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          Maybe it's the fact that only a few months before the relaunch, the forums were reorganized. There used to be a whole section of the forum called "Bad Girls of Dynamite". For the life of me now, I can't remember what that category included besides Red Sonja and Vampirella. But there seemed to be a fair amount of posting going on (if only in somewhat sporadic bursts) for those two characters.

          What's weird is that you'd think there would have been a lot of renewed activity (I do remember a couple of blips, where it heated up a bit) regarding Red Sonja, since that series was only relaunched last year. People seem mostly quiet on the topic of Sonja right now, I'm not sure why (since I haven't been reading it myself). I'm not sure if that's odd or not, considering there was a LOT of Sonja talk just prior to the relaunch, when people found out that Gail Simone would be writing it, and weighed in with their opinions on that. I think there was a little blip after the launch as well, but not as big (or so it seemed to me). It seems curious that they aren't finding more to talk about.

          If I had to guess, relegating those two characters (each of whom has a certain fan-following that has attached themselves to the characters since before even Dynamite got hold of them, in addition to those who came to the character specifically because DE was publishing it) to the "General Dynamite Discussion Forum" seems to have adversely affected discussion of those two, and slowed posting activity to a crawl, since the names "Red Sonja" and "Vampirella" no longer appear in the description of a special forum subheading.


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            All I can say is buy it! Like I said I don't usually do horror comics nor am I overly familiar with the character but I'm eagerly awaiting the next issue.