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  • Best Dynamite Comic of 2014

    So let's hear it...What was your favorite comic from Dynamite this year?

    I'm torn between Flash Gordon and Legenderry myself, but I wanted to see what you guys had to say.


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    I'm tempted to go with Vampirella. Or Dawn/Vampirella. Or Batman '66 Meets the Green Hornet. Hard to be sure without seeing a complete list of what came out in 2014.


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      Of the one I have read I would say Flash Gordon as it was so much fun. But Vampirella was good too.




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        Based on what I read its
        1 flash Gordon
        2 turok


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          Now that I thought about it some more, I'll go with GRENDEL/THE SHADOW. That limited series was just outstanding on every level.


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            Originally posted by pulphero View Post
            Now that I thought about it some more, I'll go with GRENDEL/THE SHADOW. That limited series was just outstanding on every level.
            Oh yeah! I loved Grendel/Shadow!

            You guys are going to love what Matt is working on for 2015!
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              Blood Queen without a doubt.


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                The Shadow vs Grendel, I enjoyed it tremendously


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                  Shadow: Midnight in Moscow by Howard Chaykin. Especially the first two issues. I didn't mind the globe trotting that came after, but the New York based first two issues were awesome.

                  As far as company published crossovers, The Shadow Vs Grendel was great, as are the first 2 issues of Django/Zorro.

                  John Carter: Warlord of Mars is off to a strong start. I'm waiting for #6, but flipping through Justice Inc #1-5 has me hopeful.


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                    Originally posted by DynamiteKevin View Post
                    You guys are going to love what Matt is working on for 2015!
                    Can't wait to see that, and ofc Shadow Strikes TPBs


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                      Originally posted by PulpCrazy View Post

                      John Carter: Warlord of Mars
                      Yup loving the new WoM book and Vampi is such a treat to read. Both books have such great creative teams.


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                        This year, Dynamite dominated my comic pull lists. I think it was mainly due to the Chaos! comics line and after the first few issues newness rubbed off realizing just how much I am loving that whole line.

                        Anyhow my Best Of Dynamite list for 2014

                        1. Doc Savage

                        Was introduced to the Doc through this line. I saw Dynamite's new release and figured I'd give it a go. Expecially since there was no decent Phantom comics coming out and I needed my pulp hero fix. Really loved this. Wish it was a regular series again. I miss it.

                        2. Twilight Zone

                        The comic is odd and not what I expected. I anticipated more of an anthology comic and not having these larger story arcs. Still, its got the eerie Zone feel which is all I can ask.

                        3. Chosen

                        I tried to keep this to series' and not have one-shots on here but made an exception for this one. I absolutely loved this book. Whether it was just me being in the mood for a good team book or whatnot, but this is my fave team book of the year for me. I wish this was a monthly!

                        4. Pathfinder: City of Secrets

                        I'm a Pathfinder player so have a vested interest in this line. Jim Zub's fleshing out of their Iconic characters has been a treat to read. I am worried about the future of this series without him (Goblins, ugh!) but good on him for now writing the D & D Baldur's Gate line for IDW! That, and Wayward, and Skullkickers... he's just too prolific for me to follow these days. I've got his Baldur's Gate line on my pull list and its fun too. I have the Skullkickers in Hardcovers, and Wayward, well I bought issue 1 and it was too young adult/Buffy-ish for my tastes.

                        5. Chastity

                        The best ongoing in the Chaosverse though I am loving them all pretty equally.

                        6. Chaos!

                        The Justice League of Chaos. A good intro to get me settled for individual lines. Unfortunately, this appears to be the exception when it comes to these crossover event books. Unless their is some incredible reason to get them, I think I will steer far away from them going forward as I absolutely hated Legenderry and most of the others out there have all been unenjoyable for me.

                        7. Blood Queen

                        A whim purchase. Troy Brownfield's writing just worked for me and I really enjoyed it right from the start. I'll be seeking out more of his work.

                        8. Red Sonja

                        I'm not a big superhero comic reader. I dabble once in a while when I am in the mood. So, Gail Simone had no baggage for me when she came along. I knew not her style and had no preconceived notions other than that she is a best selling and highly respected comic writer. Sonja before the reboot was mired in medocrity so I was excited about the change. From what I have read so far (first arc) I have loved it. Hated Legends of Sonja though. Yikes.

                        9. Purgatori

                        Another Chaos! title, love it for the same reasons as the others. I'd put more on here, (Evil Ernie, etc.) but this is a top ten.

                        10. Devillers

                        In interesting read. Unfortunately its a close read to other comics out there such as Kirkman's Outcast series, and maybe even Amigo's Roman Ritual (supernaturally anyway). Still, this is a team book and I am reading none at the moment so am looking for a good one.

                        Honorable Mentions: All the other Chaos titles, Alice Cooper (exceeded expectations!), Ash & The Army of Darkness (Steve Niles Yay!).

                        Wish to Forget in 2015: Legenderry (this is so bad, I am going to skip the entire next series, and I've bought up everything Red Sonja until now from Dynamite! That's telling you something. I think steampunk is not for me (Obviously ) Steampunk Phantom, sigh), Legends of Red Sonja (couldn't get into it) , Kings Watch.

                        Happy New Year!
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                          Originally posted by Leadpoison View Post
                          Yup loving the new WoM book and Vampi is such a treat to read. Both books have such great creative teams.

                          Agreed, WoM would be in my top ten list but its just too new so far and other series' have been fleshed out already. I am excited for it though! I just realized Vampirella isn't on my list. probably because I am so behind in reading the issues. I'll have to get to it.


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                            Excellent choices!

                            Lots of cool stuff is coming in 2015 so stay tuned! One of my New Year's resolutions is to be a more active admin on this forum! So feel free to drop me a line to say hello every now and then.