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5 Questions For Warren Ellis about Project Superpowers

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  • 5 Questions For Warren Ellis about Project Superpowers

    5 Questions For Warren Ellis From our own Byron Brewer, thought you guys might like them:

    1.    Mr. Ellis, the six-issue Blackcross miniseries is a supernatural extension of the Project Superpowers mythos. What is it about the characters of this particular brand you find appealing?

    I’ve long been interested in those public domain characters from the dawn of monthly American comics.  They have an odd, raw magic to them – pure, unfiltered pulp creation – and are all kind of weird in their way.  Sometimes even creepy

    2.    This is your first work for Dynamite Entertainment. How has it been working with the company to reboot the Project Superpowers line?

    Very easy, so far.  I told everybody what I wanted to do and they said “yes, okay.”  It was pretty much as simple as that.  I’m still waiting for the trap door to open under my feet.

    3.    Blackcross itself is a small town in the Pacific Northwest. What can you tell us of it to get readers in the mood for this rather spooky take on the Project Superpowers realm?

    It’s nothing special.  Just a small, sleepy, slightly weatherbeaten town in the PNW, the sort of town where people start talking about winterizing their houses in August because they know that by November their phones will light up with local alerts for ice flying sideways at fifty miles an hour.  But, in another time, it may have been a very different place.  Something is buried there, and it lays deep in both earth and time.

    4.    Can you tell us by way of brief introduction about your protagonists in the mini?

    Rob Benton is a pharmacist with bad dreams and a terrible secret.  Marietta Chesler is a fake medium with a parasite of a man living off her earnings.  Gary Preston is having a worse morning even than FBI agent Bart Hill, who has just discovered that his heavily-classified unsub has killed again.  Deputy Maggie Allen has only been in Blackcross three months and is already a ball of frustration.  And Jeff Dumont, Blackcross’ prodigal rich-man’s son, is on his way back from Tibet to reclaim the old Dumont house.  And something is coming for all of them.  These are not the protagonists.  These are the people being haunted by the protagonists.

    5.    You have worked with some legendary artists in your storied career. How has it been working on Blackcross with Colton Worley? 

    Interesting.  His style is so grounded that I quickly had to rein in or re-stage some of the more fantastical elements, because his stuff really lives in the realistic.  Everything is solid, tactile, authentic.  It’s great to see.

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    What the heck is a "heavily-classified unsub"?


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      Heavily-classified unsub.... and Bart Hill.

      Originally posted by pulphero View Post
      What the heck is a "heavily-classified unsub"?
      Great question. "unknown subject"...(crime speak)... Psychopath Personality disorder defined by long-term unsocialized criminal behavior by a person who feels no guilt ...
      The names dropped give me some hope that what haunts these people will somehow bring back our heroes to the present day. Oh, man, how I hope I'm not disappointed with this series.
      Ellis' work has been a little opaque in the past but, this time, I'm hoping for some "transparency". (And a pharmacist with "black terror" on his mind.)


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        Clean reboot then, and not a continuation of the previous mythos to judge from the positioning of the character backgrounds.


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          I'm not completely sure. There are significant ties to our heroes. Eerie and mysterious.