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Diggle And Campbell Return For Uncanny, Season Two

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  • Diggle And Campbell Return For Uncanny, Season Two

    Andy Diggle and Aaron Campbell are coming back for Uncanny Season Two. The series published by Dynamite is a modern crime noir with unnatural human abilities, Uncanny: Season Two will feature covers by Diggle’s creative partners on The Losers, Jock and Ben Oliver, as well as a cover by interior artist Campbell.

    Uncanny: Season Two continues the story of Weaver, a man gifted with the supernatural ability to steal knowledge and skills from other people. On the run from authorities and criminals alike, he finds himself used as bait in a high stakes game of cat and mouse. Now it’s time for Weaver to turn the tables on the shadowy organization known as Cadre, as he begins his quest to find the source of his own powers.

    Uncanny: Season Two #1 will be solicited in the February 2015 Previews catalog and slated for release in April.


    Uncanny2-01-Cov-A-Jock Uncanny2-01-Cov-B-Oliver Uncanny2-01-Cov-C-Sub-Campbell Uncanny07-11_COL Uncanny07-12_COL Uncanny07-13_COL Uncanny07-14_COL