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First Look At Altered States Doc Savage

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  • First Look At Altered States Doc Savage

    This is a few days old but I figured I'd post it here in case anybody hasn't seen it yet.

    Dynamite has sent us some exclusive first look pages for their upcoming Altered States: Doc Savage comic written by David Avallone and drawn by Dave Acosta.Altered States is Dynamite’s Elesworlds or What If? comics and takes familiar characters and puts them in very different worlds.

    Doc’s research into the criminal inside all men backfires… and his own experiment reduces him to a mindless primitive. When the most powerful man in the world is turned into a rampaging beast, can you stop him without killing him?

    For more on Altered States: Doc Savage, click here.

    AlteredDoc01-01 AlteredDoc01-02 AlteredDoc01-03 AlteredDoc01-04 AlteredDoc01-05 AlteredSavageCovATan (1)